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Yunus Chkirate

Arts and cultural training and learning


2003-Present      Self Taught. Numerous skills developed from painting to sculpting                               and mixed media, Montreal, QC

2008-Present      YouTube. Tutorials on visual art skills, Online

2011                   Robert Laliberté. Basic photography skills, Montreal, QC

2010-Present      Kat Coric. Technical painting skills, event planning, client relations,                               and public relations

2018                   Mixed Media course. Dawson College, Montreal, QC

Artistic and cultural work presented to the public


July 2024           WOODMAN SHIMKO Gallery (upcoming), group exhibition, selected                             artworks, Provincetown, MA

June 2024          2358 MRKT Gallery (upcoming), group exhibition, San Francisco, CA,

Oct-Nov 2023     OPEN STUDIOS, 1890 Bryant Studios, group exhibition and artist                                 residency, San Francisco, CA

Sept 13, 2023     LAMBORGHINI THROUGH THE EYES OF THE WORLD, special paid                             commissioned portrait of Ferrucio Lamborghini, presentation and                                 event, Montreal, QC

Oct 5-9, 2022     JOURNAL, solo exhibition and live performance, in collaboration                                 with Lightemotion and Kat Coric, Lachine, QC.

Sept 21, 2022    ARTISTES UNIS, group exhibition, Galerie LeRoyer, Montreal, QC

Dec 2020           POP YUNUS, solo exhibition, Hochelaga, QC

Oct-Dec, 2020    LES COURS EN ART, group exhibition, Montreal, QC

Aug 2019           Exposition INCLUSION, curator and artist, in association with Pride                               Montreal, Montreal, QC.

Apr 4-7, 2019     ART EXPO NYC, Lincoln Micheal Galleries, Art Fair, NYC, US

June 2018          NUANCES ITALY, group exhibition, ROCCART Gallery, Florence, Italy.

Nov 15, 2017      PIGMENTS, group exhibition, Deserres,­ Montreal, QC

Oct  2017           ELEVATION, solo exhibition and live performance, in collaboration                               with HAPPENING, Deserres and Leigh Alderson, Espace Lafontaine,                             Montreal, QC

Aug 2017           ESPACES DES ARTS, group exhibition, curated by Pride Montreal,                                 Montreal, QC.

Aug 29, 2016     ROMEO's GIN, collaborative event and exhibition of works,                                          Pandore, Montreal, QC.

Sept 2015          CYCLES, group exhibition, Empty Spaces Project Gallery, Putnam,                                 CT, US.

Oct-Nov, 2014    Le TRIAD, solo exhibition and launch of preview gallery ' Le TRIAD',                             Montreal, QC

Feb-Mar 2014     MODERNIZED Australia, solo exhibition, Depot II Gallery, Sydney,                               Australia

Oct 7, 2013        THE LOVER AND THE BEAST, solo exhibition, live performance,                                   Société Des Arts Technologiques (SAT), Montreal, QC

Nov 29, 2012      TRANSITIONS, solo exhibition, live performance, Montreal, Espace                             Griffintown

Nov - Mar 2012   BARRIERS THROUGH LOVE, solo exhibition, gallery launch with                                    Delano Galerie Boutique, Montreal, QC

March 2011         REVENGE THROUGH EXPRESSIONS, premier solo exhibition,                                        Old Montreal, Montreal, QC

Artists and community collaboration activities


May-Aug 2019    EXPOSITION INCLUSION, Curator and artist, Pride Montreal,                                       Montreal, QC.

Dec 2018           PARTE RÉZO, commissioned mural and exhibition benefiting RÉZO,                              Montreal QC.

Nov 2018           Geneviève Leclerc, collaborative artwork for artist's album cover,                                 Montreal, QC.

Jan 2016            MY LOVE TEE, designer and organizer, Maison Plein Coeur,                                           Montreal, QC

April 2013           THE VOLTS, curator and artist, online gallery and event, Montreal,                               QC.

Volunteer experience


2022                  Artistes Unis, group exhibition, benefiting Fondation MMS, Galerie                              LeRoyer, Montreal, QC


2017 - Present   RÉZO, donor and active mascot for the organization, Montreal, QC

2017                  La Grande Démesure, auction benefiting Interligne, musée Grévin,                                Montreal

2015-2017         Board Member, conseil d'adminstration Maison Plein Coeur,                                          Montreal, QC

2015                  YES Montreal, donor, group exhibition benefiting YES Montreal,                                  Montreal, QC

2013                  Donations to Maison Plein Coeur, Montreal, QC

2011-2012         ART SIDA, donor, Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal,                                            Montreal, QC      




Oct-Nov 2023     1890 Bryant Studios, Canadian artist in residence and exhibition,                                 San Francisco, CA

Jan-Mar 2014     Sydney Mardi Gras, Canadian artist in residence and solo exhibition,                             Sydney, Australia

Artist talks, presentations and articles


March 2022        Mental Health Much, Podcast, invited speaker, Toronto, ON. Link:

Nov 2019           HSBC, guest Speaker and exhibition of small works, HSBC, Montreal, QC


Awards and community recognition


Sept 2015          Espoirs du Cinéma Québécois, chosen artist to create artworks and                               awards of Geneviève Bujold and Roy Dupuis, Montreal, QC.

Oct 2013            Gala-Arc-en-Ciel, chosen artist to present artwork to Mariela Castro,                              Montreal, QC­


Commissioned Works 2020 - 2024


2024                  Sculpture commission (upcoming), San Francisco, CA

2023                  Lamborghini, commissioned painting, selected submission, Canada                              and Italy

2023                  Portrait of a Male Embrace, commissioned painting, Toronto, ON

2023                  Mixed Media commission, Paris, France

2022                  Portrait of Michel, commissioned portrait, Montreal, QC

2022                  Commissioned Sculpture, Palm Springs, CA

2021                  Portrait of Stephane, commissioned portrait, Montreal, QC

2021                  Portrait of Grace, commissioned portrait, Montreal, QC

2021                  Commissioned Sculpture for Hochelaga Clinic, Montreal, QC

2020                  Portrait of YOTE, commissioned portrait, Valleyfield, QC

2020                  Commissioned Sculpture, Vermont, USA


Media coverage


Sept 15, 2023     AutoMedia, Luc Gagné, Inauguration de Lamborghini Montréal : une histoire familiale longue de quatre décennie qui se poursuit

Oct 5, 2022        Best Kept Montreal: Jackie Jet, Don’t Miss Yunus Chkirate’s Latest Show: Journal with a living portrait!

August, 2022      Fugues: Yves Lafontaine, Au-delà du syndrome de l’imposteur, l’expo Journal de Yunus Chkirate


Sept 2017          CIBL 101.5 " Tranquillement pas vite "  Radio

Oct 2014            BTV. Breakfast Television, Alexandre Despatie : Triad Interview,

Oct 2014            Gazette: Richard Brunette, The triumphant Montreal homecoming of portrait painter Yunus Chkirate

Oct 2013            La Presse, Éric Clément, Yunus Chkirate : la peinture du sentiment

Oct 2013            CBC Montreal, Kristin Falco, Lover and the Beast Interview

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